January 14, 2012

Have you heard the news….

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Hey there!! Have you heard the news…

I have a NEW BLOG with a fresh new look,

yet you’ll still be able to access all the old posts!!

Come on over & check it out at…




January 4, 2012

New way to Share your Photos – # 2

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Here’s the second one…

I didn’t look at these pics until after I had already given it, so they aren’t the best, but at least you get an idea as to different ways you can decorate them!

There is a bit of a glare on the above pic, so I added this one as well…

The pic I took of the top one, didn’t turn out, so I don’t have a close up of that one, but here are the middle & bottom ones…

If you decide to make one yourself & have any questions, please post a comment or send me an email! 🙂

Hint: I use a glue stick to glue the base paper to the record. When adding your mats, don’t use your normal mounting square, instead use a better double sided tape… I use Pioneer Photo Memory Mounting Taper. It looks like this:

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Till next time… Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

New way to Share your Photos – # 1

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I made a couple of these a few years ago as Christmas gifts… this year I decided to make a couple more, one for each of the girls.

Can you guess what it’s made of??? Would you believe records!! 😉 Honest!!

Here’s a close up of each of the sections:

As you can see, I made it so that they can add their own photos & change them whenever they want!! 🙂

If you use your imagination, there are all sorts of ways you could decorate these records! Give it a try, use your imagination & let me know how it turns out for you!!

Click “here” to see the second one I made…

Oh as for the size, in the past I have used the small records but for these ones,  I used the 10 inch ones. If you don’t have any on hand, I’ve found that you can pick them up fairly cheaply from the thrift stores! 🙂

Till next time… Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

January 2, 2012

4 of 4… Silly, Chilly, Days

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This was the last of the 4 layouts that I worked on & it’s also the one I spent the most time on, as I wanted it to be different than all the rest!! I just wasn’t sure how I was going to do that. For this layout, I took the 1st layout & flipped it upside down! Hope you like the way it turned out!!

And incase you hadn’t already guessed, I used the Echo Park‘s new “Winter Park” Collection again!! 🙂

As you have seen with all these pages, I don’t have my Christmas / Winter pics yet… so when I make layouts without pics, I have a set of white paper cutouts in different sizes that I use to plan the layout! So as I was playing around with the group of 4 “pics” on the right hand page, trying to decide on the sizes, I happen to leave a space in the middle… I though that it was a nice change from the 4 square pics that I was originally trying to figure out. This space allowed me to add a pop-dot or some sort of embellishment! (I don’t plan on sticking with the snowflake that if currently there, I won’t decide on what I’ll add until I add my pics… I just didn’t want to leave it bare!)

Also because I wanted the bottom of the pics to all line up, I had to be “creative” with my picture sizes, hence the 2 7/8 x 5 or the 2 3/8 x 5!!

When I remove the fake “pics”, I write the measurements down (as seen below), so that when I’m ready to add the pics, I can cut them to the correct size! It will save a ton of time when I get my pics!! 🙂

You will also notice that instead of the title “Snow” that is on the bingo card, I used the words found on the ribbon that runs across the bottom of the page – Silly, Chilly, Days!!

Oh 1 last thing… when I add the bottom right hand pic, I will round the corner… so 3 of the 4 corners will be rounded… I didn’t want to round the “Snow” bingo card.

Thanks for following this set of 4 layouts! Hope you enjoyed it!!

Till next time… Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

PS : If you missed page # 1, click here… page # 2, click here or page # 3, click here!

3 of 4… Snowman

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This is the 3rd layout using the same basic layout design! Again the paper that I have used for this layout is from Echo Park‘s new “Winter Park” Collection.

This page is a reversal of the 2nd page. I’ve now moved the strip that was along the bottom, to the top. I have also moved the large picture to the middle, so that the patterned paper on the left of the large picture is on the left hand page. This provided room for 1 more picture as well as a journaling square. (which I raises with pop-dots)

Did you notice the top boarder??? How I have 1 large snowflake right in the middle of the page? It can be hard when you have a strip of paper that runs across the whole layout like this one does, but I love it when I can match up the paper from one page to the other… it makes the page flow so much better!! 🙂

Now let’s look at the final layout in this set of 4

If you missed page # 1, click here… If you missed page # 2, click here!

2 of 4… I Love Winter

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This is the 2nd layout using the same basic layout design; using Echo Park‘s new “Winter Park” Collection.

As you can see, the bottom of this layout is basically the same as the last page, other than the size & the distance from the bottom of the page!!

I also changed the sizes of some of the pictures and move the larger picture to the right side of the layout. If you don’t have a 5 x 7 pic you wanted to use, you can always replace it with 2 smaller pics!

Click here to go to layout # 3…

If you missed layout # 1, click here!

1 of 4…

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I know, it’s been quite a while since my last post! That’s what happens at this time of the year, we get busy with all the preparation that we have to do for Christmas! Theres setting up the tree, decorating the house, preparing food, entertaining… the list just never seems to end! 🙂

Even though I don’t have my pictures back yet, I thought that I would share the layout that I have been working on these past couple of days… The paper that I have used for this layout is from Echo Park‘s new “Winter Park” Collection.

One of the quickest ways I have found to get a number of pages completed, is by taking a basic layout like this on and either changing the measurements, sizes of the pictures or even reverse it as I did here, or turn the layout upside down like I did here or even here!!! 🙂 As you can see, every time you change the direction of the layout, you get a whole new different feel to the page!!

So next time your “creative juices” just aren’t flowing, give this a try & see how many pages you can get done!! 🙂

Oh ya – as for a title, once I have my pics, the title will go above the far right hand pic. As for journaling, I will probably add a matching journaling card somewhere on the page!

If you didn’t clicked on the links above, click here to go to the next page….

December 21, 2011

Scraplifted… Snow King

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WoW… I thought that I had posted this layout a month ago… one problem, I hadn’t added the pic of the layout, so now that it’s been added…. Enjoy!! 🙂

I had a stack of scrapbook magazines that I hadn’t looked at yet… 4 actually. So Remembrance Day weekend, I finally took the time to look through 2 of them! Even found a couple of ideas I hope to try out real soon!

Anyways, you have probably noticed, I usually do 2 page layouts, but most of the layouts… ok about half of the layouts in the magazines are single pages. So I though why not give it a try . I came across a real simple 1 page layout on page 91 of the December 2011 Scrapbooks etc. Magazine that someone had already scraplifted. Here’s my version of the layout…

The paper I used is Frost Signature Christmas collection from My Mind’s Eye.

I accidentally cut one of the pics a tad bit smaller than I should have, so I just matted that one which makes it stand out just a bit more than the others.

I’m working on another layout, so till next time…

Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

Oh 1 last thing… I’m still into inking everything as you can see from this layout, even the cardstock base has been inked!

November 22, 2011

Happy 40th Rich!

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A month ago today my “younger” brother turned the big 4-0!! 🙂

He gave me a hard time a couple years ago when I turned 40, so I felt that it was only right that I reciprocate the favour & give him a hard time in return… Even the card I made him was a reminder of just how OLD he now was!! 🙂 It might look nice & innocent on the outside but the message inside… well see for yourself…

Sure it could have been a lot worse but really, I felt this said it all!!

Happy 40th Rich!!

November 19, 2011

It’s Christmas… Countdown Calendar

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A number of years ago, I picked up a “Karen Foster‘s” countdown calendar but had never done anything with it… that is until today…

Last weekend I was looking through the November/December 2011 edition of Creating Keepsakes Magazine & came across an add featuring this product. It inspired me to pull the unopened package out of my closet & start looking for paper to use in order to complete this project. I couldn’t find any paper in my stash, so I went to Michael’s… that’s when I came across K&Company‘s  “Elizabeth Brownd Visions of Christmas 12×12 Designer Paper Pad” & knew that this is what I was looking for…

If you clicked on the link above, you can see that there are half circles on the front of each of these 25 little boxes in order to make it easier to pull out the tiny box & see what is inside. As I didn’t want to take away from the picture, I decided not to cut out these notches but had to come up with some other way to remove the boxes so I decided instead to add knobs that would be strong enough to pull on but wouldn’t tear the paper… That’s when I decided to use brads as little knobs!!

I didn’t have enough of 1 colour, so I had to come up with some sort of pattern in order to use 2 different colours… I started by placing 2 gold brads on the boxes followed by 1 brown one & continued this pattern.

For those of you that really know me… you know that I’m a bit of a perfectionist… I like things to be just right… so I just had to come up with an “eye pleasing” arrangement for the placing of these brads, so I did what I often do… I opened up Excel & start playing!! 🙂

As mentioned above, my first attempt was “C” below, but as you can see, it just doesn’t look right… “B” is the opposite of “C” but “A” is just right & that is the pattern I went with!! 🙂

So once I had my design, I just had to figure out how I was going to attach them.

I first attached the paper to the box & then punctured a hole in each of them, putting the brad through the paper & the cardboard. If I closed the brad tight against the box, it was hard to get a handle on the knob in order to pull the box out of it’s drawer, so I had to leave enough room to get my nail under it & pull it out!

Now I can put a “little” something into each of these boxes & know that we will be able to open them up on the appropriate date!!

Oh that reminds me… as you can see I didn’t put a number on the box… label them 1 through 25… again I decided against this because I didn’t want to take away from the picture…

Thanks for reading this looonngg post!! Hope it inspired you to try something new…

Till next time… Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

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