January 2, 2012

4 of 4… Silly, Chilly, Days

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This was the last of the 4 layouts that I worked on & it’s also the one I spent the most time on, as I wanted it to be different than all the rest!! I just wasn’t sure how I was going to do that. For this layout, I took the 1st layout & flipped it upside down! Hope you like the way it turned out!!

And incase you hadn’t already guessed, I used the Echo Park‘s new “Winter Park” Collection again!! 🙂

As you have seen with all these pages, I don’t have my Christmas / Winter pics yet… so when I make layouts without pics, I have a set of white paper cutouts in different sizes that I use to plan the layout! So as I was playing around with the group of 4 “pics” on the right hand page, trying to decide on the sizes, I happen to leave a space in the middle… I though that it was a nice change from the 4 square pics that I was originally trying to figure out. This space allowed me to add a pop-dot or some sort of embellishment! (I don’t plan on sticking with the snowflake that if currently there, I won’t decide on what I’ll add until I add my pics… I just didn’t want to leave it bare!)

Also because I wanted the bottom of the pics to all line up, I had to be “creative” with my picture sizes, hence the 2 7/8 x 5 or the 2 3/8 x 5!!

When I remove the fake “pics”, I write the measurements down (as seen below), so that when I’m ready to add the pics, I can cut them to the correct size! It will save a ton of time when I get my pics!! 🙂

You will also notice that instead of the title “Snow” that is on the bingo card, I used the words found on the ribbon that runs across the bottom of the page – Silly, Chilly, Days!!

Oh 1 last thing… when I add the bottom right hand pic, I will round the corner… so 3 of the 4 corners will be rounded… I didn’t want to round the “Snow” bingo card.

Thanks for following this set of 4 layouts! Hope you enjoyed it!!

Till next time… Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

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3 of 4… Snowman

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This is the 3rd layout using the same basic layout design! Again the paper that I have used for this layout is from Echo Park‘s new “Winter Park” Collection.

This page is a reversal of the 2nd page. I’ve now moved the strip that was along the bottom, to the top. I have also moved the large picture to the middle, so that the patterned paper on the left of the large picture is on the left hand page. This provided room for 1 more picture as well as a journaling square. (which I raises with pop-dots)

Did you notice the top boarder??? How I have 1 large snowflake right in the middle of the page? It can be hard when you have a strip of paper that runs across the whole layout like this one does, but I love it when I can match up the paper from one page to the other… it makes the page flow so much better!! 🙂

Now let’s look at the final layout in this set of 4

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2 of 4… I Love Winter

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This is the 2nd layout using the same basic layout design; using Echo Park‘s new “Winter Park” Collection.

As you can see, the bottom of this layout is basically the same as the last page, other than the size & the distance from the bottom of the page!!

I also changed the sizes of some of the pictures and move the larger picture to the right side of the layout. If you don’t have a 5 x 7 pic you wanted to use, you can always replace it with 2 smaller pics!

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1 of 4…

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I know, it’s been quite a while since my last post! That’s what happens at this time of the year, we get busy with all the preparation that we have to do for Christmas! Theres setting up the tree, decorating the house, preparing food, entertaining… the list just never seems to end! 🙂

Even though I don’t have my pictures back yet, I thought that I would share the layout that I have been working on these past couple of days… The paper that I have used for this layout is from Echo Park‘s new “Winter Park” Collection.

One of the quickest ways I have found to get a number of pages completed, is by taking a basic layout like this on and either changing the measurements, sizes of the pictures or even reverse it as I did here, or turn the layout upside down like I did here or even here!!! 🙂 As you can see, every time you change the direction of the layout, you get a whole new different feel to the page!!

So next time your “creative juices” just aren’t flowing, give this a try & see how many pages you can get done!! 🙂

Oh ya – as for a title, once I have my pics, the title will go above the far right hand pic. As for journaling, I will probably add a matching journaling card somewhere on the page!

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October 14, 2011

Coos Bay

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I decided to take a basic layout, using the same colours scheme but change it around a bit so that you can see how much of a difference it can make!

I actually did these layouts a couple of years ago… This first layout I started on October 5th, 2007 but I didn’t add the pictures until July 26, 2008…

This second layout was was started July 27th, 2008 & finished August 9th, 2008!

You are probably asking yourself – How can I be so sure of these dates? Well years ago, I decided to write this information of the back of every layout I ever do.

There are a number of reasons as to why I started it… I guess the main reason is because I can see how my scrapbooking skills have changed over the years.

I often start a layout, or at least get the general style of the layout done, I just don’t have pictures to put on the page right away. 🙂

FYI – if you look closely at the second layout, you will notice that the arrow located on the left hand page is one I made. I only had the one – which I used on the 1st page, so I had to make a second one. I traced out the shape using the original arrow & just added some white rub-on designs to it!! I thought it worked out pretty well don’t you!!

Hope you enjoyed all the ideas I provided in this post. Who knows, maybe you will give them try as well!!

Until next time… Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

October 13, 2011

Our idea of roughin’ it…

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We love to go camping… but our idea of camping isn’t the same as a lot of other people’s!!!  🙂 We’ve actually been told that we don’t camp, as we aren’t roughing it! We go RVing!! 🙂

As we don’t sleep on the ground & we don’t have to worry about getting all wet when it rains… we quite enjoy our idea of roughing it…

This paper used in this layout is old products/collections from both “Cosmo Cricket” & “BoBunny“. The chip board is also from Bo Bunny’s “roughin’ it” line!

Whether you like to camp or rough it like us…  thanks for stopping by!

Till next time… Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

October 12, 2011


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Have you ever had one of those pieces of paper that is sculpted around the edge but you just aren’t sure how to use it… Your worried that once you cut it, you won’t be happy with the way it looks so it just sits there in our stash of paper…!

Well as you can see from the following layout, I finally took this one out of my stash & created this layout… & I think that this worked out quite well! 🙂

One of the things I liked about this paper is the lines on the sheet. I’ve never been big on journalling, as I don’t really like my hand writing but I’ve been trying to get better at doing it on my layouts! As you can see with this layout I was able to journal directly onto the bottom half of the page.

Gotta run… so till next time… Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

October 11, 2011

Summer Heat Wave

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A number of months ago, I won 2 tickets to go Whale Watching! We had to go before the end of October and with school just around the corner & honestly, who wants to go whale watching late September/October when it’s cold & rainy… Not US!!  As Monday, August 29th was my flex day, Bruce & I finally went! Even though it was a nice sunny day, the water was rough & we were only able to find 1 whale… & lots of Sea Lions.

The paper I used in this layout is called “Beach Bum” by “Fancy Pants“.

I realize that the car with all the surf boards on the right hand side don’t really go with the “theme” of the page however, they do kinda go with the thin stripe piece of paper on the left side of the page! So it just ties everything together! Plus it fills in the space where nothing else did!! 🙂

Till next time… Happy Scrapping!! 🙂

October 10, 2011

Shell Seekers

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I did something totally different when I created this layout… instead of starting with someone elses’ sketch, or even with paper…

  1. I took the pictures I wanted to use & decided which ones I could cut down to a smaller size.
  2. Organized the pics on cardstock, to creating a double page layout.
  3. Found some embellishments that went with the theme. I chose the “Beach Babe” paper embellishments from “Fancy Pants
  4. Now to find paper that would work with my layout. The matching Beach Babe paper that I had, just didn’t seem to work… that was until I took the “High Tide” paper & turned it sideways… So now I have a bit of a design in the bottom right hand corner of my large matt & the rest is all this pale yellow… kinda reminds me of sand!
  5. I trimmed the pics a little more so that they would all fit nicely.
  6.  Finally I clued everything into place, adding pop dots to some of the embellishments in order to add some dimension!

Next time you create a layout, why not give this a try & let me know how it works out for you!

Till next time… Happy Scramping!! 🙂

October 4, 2011

Our Little Lady

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Here’s the final 2 page layout I completed this past weekend! If truth be told though… I finished this layout first – yet I’m posting it last… & the one I posted first, was the last one I finished! Oh well… if I wouldn’t have said anything, you would have had no idea!!! 🙂

Out of all the layouts I did this weekend, this one is my favourite! 🙂 Again you can see that I still need to journal, but that will come!

There are a couple of things on this layout that I don’t normally do… I don’t usually group a lot of embellishments together in one general area as I find that it has a tendency to look crowded and takes away from the pictures. I like simple layouts!  And truthfully, I think that this is a simple layout as I don’t think that I over did it with the grouping of the embellishments. Probably because I didn’t use large embellishments!

I actually used 2 lines of paper for this layout… the “Neighborhood Collection” from “Crate Paper Inc” as well as “Countryside Collection” from “Studio Calico“.

One of my favourite embellishments on this page are the Wood Veneer Hearts (& Buttons) also from Studio Calico! I also really like the gem accents that I added to the page! I might have to start using those more often!

I hope to get more layouts completed next week as I have the week off!! 🙂

Till next time – Happy Thanksgiving!!

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